In its relentless effort to be of better service to the public, BJMP has decided to employ the best of technology, to utilize it to the bureau’s utmost advantage. The goal is to connect to and interact with our different publics, clienteles, stakeholders, partners, advocates, and others who are continually with us in our crusade for inmates’ welfare.


BJMP revels that the launching of our website is in perfect timing with the administration’s drive for transparency in all quarters of the government. It is a delight that while we are innovatively catering to the people, we are conforming to our Chief Executive’s noble agenda. This site is BJMP’s manifesto of adherence to and solidarity with the administration’s campaign for transparency and accountability. And like other agencies that have set off in making known to the people what they ought to learn, the bureau, through its website, is on its heels rallying with the rest of the government for a more accessible, more open, and more accommodating kind of public service.     


This site is us. A window to our soul. This is the BJMP’s ears to listen to whines as well as praises of the community. And it is the bureau’s mouth to respond to and heed their calls. This website is a welcome to all, an offering to share with the bureau a virtual journey to living and delivering our mandate of inmates’ wellbeing. Every page is an invitation to forge a lasting partnership with all corners of society in ensuring a humane safekeeping of our brothers behind bars.


With BJMP’s exploit of technology to its full advantage and with a renewed assurance of an all-out support from our patrons, no jail challenge is insuperable enough.


Visit our site and experience untold stories of many Filipinos behind bars.

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